Our products

We are producing by extrusion, glue sticks in every diameter (7 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 25 / 43 mm) and every length from the 100 mm. Some products are available in colors, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are also producing glue in pellets for industrial applications with machines.

Main chemical bases produced by Tec Adhesives are :

Ethylene-co-Vinyl Acetate (or EVA) It is currently the main basis for hotmelt glues, its advantages are :

  • Multi application
  • Low application temperature
  • Low cost
  • No moisture sensitive

This family is less common but shows highly technical characteristics, eg:/span>

  • High adhesion on difficult substrates
  • High softening point, suitable for technical applications

Their characteristics are close to the EVA-based hotmelt but with improved possibilities as :

  • High adhesion on plastics
  • Better heat resistance than the EVA

This family came recently on the market and its good characteristics make it reliable for industrial applications, particularly in packaging industry due to:

  • Good thermal stability
  • Good cold flexibility
  • High adhesion
  • Lower density than EVA

Industrial applications

TEC ADHESIVES is focusing on professionals for all application sectors in assembly. The main uses of our glues are :

◎    Packaging
◎    Bookbinding
◎    Woodworking
◎    Difficult bondings
◎    Foam
◎    Florist industry
◎    Automotive
◎    Building
◎    Administrative wax
◎    Scrapbooking


Research and innovation

TEC ADHESIVES has an autonomous laboratory, testing, formulating and controlling production, so we can answer to specific request, based on technical requirements.

For every customer’s request, we are issuing tests and evaluation on substrates, and we can provide a solution of bonding. We can answer rapidly to requests with sending samples, so that our customers can make tests.

Our laboratory works with university labs for any analytical or technical requests.

Qualité et traçabilité

From the start, TEC ADHESIVES ’s goal is to reach the best quality possible, with conducting every possible controlling, sampling, test, on raw materials or products.
Every batch of glue is followed with specific test report to identify the raw, the operator or all requested parameters, to get a high quality production. We answer as fast as we can to every request of analytical report or regulatory documents, so that our customers can be reactive themselves.
All our products comply with existing regulations, especially REACH for chemical substances.