Ethylene-co-Vinyl Acetate (or EVA) It is currently the main basis for hotmelt glues, its advantages are :

This family is less common but shows highly technical characteristics, eg:

Their characteristics are close to the EVA-based hotmelt but with improved possibilities as :

This family came recently on the market and its good characteristics make it reliable for industrial applications, particularly in packaging industry due to:


Presentation of Tec Adhesives

TEC ADHESIVES, founded in 2016, is the successor of the formerly CVLC, manufacturer of hot-melts since 1985. From the beginning, our company has focused on conception and manufacturing of technical hotmelt adhesives in sticks or pellets. Our products are designed for every application for industrials or professionals.


Advantages of our glues and adhesives

Compared to other adhesives, the main advantages of those glues, without solvents, are :

◎    High bonding capacity
◎    Adjustable setting time
◎    No evaporation or gaseous residues
◎    Impermeability
◎    Durability
◎    Dyeing possible
◎    Cold flexibility
◎    Use on multi-substrates (wood, plastics, metals)
◎    Food contact approved
◎    Easy application with hot glue gun or application machine


Superior quality of our glues and adhesives

The first advantages of our products are their adhesive properties, but they can also be used for sealing or flatness.
From the start, highest priority being given to quality and traceability, seeks to maintain strong recognition to our products and a reliable reputation on the market, as our main customers, leaders of adhesives can attest.

A wide range of standard products allows Tec Adhesives to meet most of applications, generic or specific, for industrials or professionals.

If needed, our laboratory is able to answer with a tailor-made formula for any specific requirement.

Plastics company

The company is well located in the heart or Europe : in the Rhone-Alpes Region, East of France. We are close to competitiveness poles in plasturgy (eg PLASTIPOLIS and European plasturgy pole). We are located near international airports (less than 2 hours away from Lyon and Geneva), to reach easily Germany, Switzerland or Italy.

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